FEMINISED- Wedding Cake (5 pack)
  • FEMINISED- Wedding Cake (5 pack)


    Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid desended from the so delicious Girl Scout Cookies and Cerry Pie strains. In addition to its awesome flavour, it also has high THC levels, up to 25%, that packs a mean punch. 

    Wedding Cake Cannabis is also known as Birthday Cake and sometimes Pink Cookies. Its high THC levels are a result of its Grandparents, which include the powerful standard of OG Kush, Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. So its covered in potent white trichomes.

    Wedding Cake plants are expected to be of a medium to tall height, extrapolating from its parentage, but aspects of growing and cultivation of this plant are a carefully guarded industry secret, so we can only hypothesize about it. What is without a doubt is that this hybrid packs a bounty of delicious flavour and fragrance, including hints of cake, cookies, sweet, sugary, earthy, ginger spice, skunky and vanilla wafers. It is full of bright green, orange pistils and thick sugary looking white trichomes blacketing the bud'

    Wedding Cake is a strong, relaxing smoke. It is not for the faint of heart or the beginner. It can pack a punch of up to 25% THC. Your usual recreational smoke will begin with the distict taste of cookies, cake and sugary goodness. This will invigorate your mind and give you euphoric tingles and the giggles. As you sink into the cerebral euphoria, your mind will begin to relax and you will melt into the couch in a haze of pleasure and peaceful contentment. This weed can make you feel pleasantly heavy, dont be surprised if you slip off into a peaceful snooze. Also be ready for the munchies. You might have a sweet tooth after this pleasant smoke, you might even eat half the cake.



    LINEAGE- Girl Scout Cookies & Cherry Pie

    THC- 25%

    INDICA- 60%

    SKILL- Advanced

    TIME IN FLOWER- 8 weeks

    FLAVOUR- Cake, Cookies, Sugary, Skunky, Vanilla