There is no better companion than Devil XXL when it comes to trudging a whole stack of paperwork. It induces a clearheaded high that helps organize thoughts and potentially improve output for a productive time. With calming properties, it could also bring peace to nervous wrecks who have trouble managing anxiety, stress, or PTSD.


One could say that its impressive THC levels are from the influence of the Big Devil #2, which is prized for having a stress-crushing high and impressive medicinal capability. Its potency also provides consumers with a fun recreational experience.


Jack Herer is adored by many enthusiasts for its prize-winning head high. It stops negativity in its tracks and proceeds to uplift the mood. Moreover, it also energizes the body for hours to counteract relieving fatigue. Its popularity is so immense that an auto-flowering version of it was later developed that would accommodate demands. From Jack Herer Auto, Devil XXL inherited its rapid growth cycle and independence from light cycles.


One great thing about autos is that it will grow regardless of the environment. Growers can expect at least 350 grams of buds per plant or per square meter. One advantage of acquiring seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is that it has a high germination rate. Sourced from carefully selected mother plants, it contains reliable genes that could reach full potential.


Growing Devil XXL from Autoflower Seeds


Devil XXL is friendly to beginners and first-time growers. Obtaining the seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures that its genetics are reliable, and have good immunity against pests and diseases, as well as a short flowering time. This particular variety only requires 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest.


Because of its rapid growth, Devil XXL will not have time to adjust to any stress that ‘shocks’ it. Thus, high-stress training techniques should be avoided. As an option, one could employ the Sea of Green setup, which is suitable since the plant itself has a short stature of 110 to 160 centimeters. It entails growing at least plants in a single square meter then coaxing its upper cola, so it receives adequate illumination.


About the development of its root system, coco coir will accommodate the quick changes that happen due to auto-flowering nature. Adding at least 30% of the substrate will improve aeration in the medium. When the time for chop down comes, growers can expect at least 425 to 650 grams of nugs per square meter, especially in optimal conditions.


Relatively resistant and adaptable, Devil XXL has no qualms flourishing in cold, hot, and temperate weather. However, it thrives best under warm sunshine where humidity levels are low. Germinating the seeds as early as April is recommended for growers in the northern hemisphere. The latest that one could start is around August; in which case, the harvest would fall around October. Depending on conditions, it will produce a hefty yield of 50 to 350 grams of buds per plant.


Fragrance and Flavor


Devil XXL Auto exudes an extremely citric and acidic scent. Growers will need to install a carbon filter inside the grow room to reduce the intensity of its aroma.


There is some slight coughing after the first swig, but one eventually gets used to sharp lemon flavors. On exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of herbs and incense, adding richness to the smoke.




Auto-flowering Devil XXL takes pride in the intensity of its psychoactive compounds, which average between 19% to 20%. At this range, it is possible to experience some unwanted side effects such as dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia. When used in moderation, the soaring high uplifts the spirit, reduces stress, and wards off negativity.


Casual enthusiasts will find that it is a wonderful strain to use just as the day starts. In place of coffee, its clearing head high and sharpened focus help improve the flow of thoughts. An almost euphoric feeling lets one bask in fulfillment as tasks are continually crossed off of the to-do list.


To complement the rise in motivation, Auto Devil XXL’s physical effect is composed of a constant stream of energy, keeping one physically active. At no time does it ever become an obstacle to cognitive or motor functions. Then, during the comedown, it turns into dreamy relaxation.


First-timers who are unaccustomed to the dry spell may find dry eyes and cottonmouth to be uncomfortable. Though unavoidable, it can usually be managed through hydration.




Dealing with the devil is often a bad decision. In this case, however, it does more good than harm. Devil XXL is a strain filled with therapeutic qualities that help enhance the quality of life. Among its best attributes is a dreamy high, which reduces stress. Often, there is a higher risk of suffering from problems like heart disease or psychological distress when left to accumulate. Thus, it is essential to release the negative energy through recreational activities.


In doing so, it also manages symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, which are so often tied to levels of stress. It pushes back the cynicism, self-deprecation, and despair while a soothing euphoria takes its place. Calming the nerves and reducing worries, it allows one to stay upbeat and think clearly.


From the mental stimulation, its energizing properties spread to the rest of the body and relieves it of fatigue. Its psychotropic compounds also have painkilling properties that relieve aches and pains, thus melting away the physical discomfort.


Devil XXL Autoflower Seeds


Jack Herer is a legend among Sativa lovers. Even better, there is an auto-flowering high-yielding variety, so enthusiasts do not need to wait for long. Meanwhile, Big Devil #2 is also an auto with immense therapeutic capabilities. Crossed these two, the progeny does not fall far from the tree.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides Devil XXL auto-flowering seeds that will go from seeds to harvest in only 10 weeks. More importantly, for growers, the process of acquiring it is easy. The seed bank offers the labor-saving and cost-effective option of worldwide shipping, delivering the seeds straight to the door. It comes in discreet packaging to keep nosy neighbors away.